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1. You need Christian input on how to make your home a better place to live

2. You need to understand the impact of inner order to your home

3. You need help about your family's Christian journey

4. When you want to share your Christian home management ideas.

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why do I care

I do because I have witnessed and ministered to countless numbers of families. And I saw how God healed and reconciled families. I saw and understand what matters most to a family. I also saw why there are families who suffered due to wrong decisions, wrong choices in life and wrong priorities. Sadly, there are families who had never recovered.  

My name is Glen Palukpok, married to a pastor mothering two kids. I've been with the Christian mission for so many years and had thought that I could leave my home management to the care of  other people. But then, I was made to realize and understand the impact that I, as a member of my family can do to create change first in my home, to my family, the community, the church members and to other people observing our lives even by just the simple task of fulfilling my duties at home. 

And being a mother of two doing full time in the ministry, I have mastered smart ways to keep a well maintained home, a happy husband and smart kids. Of course I am not perfect, I've done a lot of mistakes that caused me pain but it is from there that I learned more. One of my goals now is to share these so that others need not go through those failures and mistakes in keeping a family and a well maintained home.

I am now in the mission to help Christian families put Christ at the center of their homes. That is, understanding Biblical doctrine about Christian faith and rightly applying the same at home. And that as a family create a spiritual impact to the community.

Join me and my friends and let us together build homes and families that glorifies the Lord.