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A Mother’s Tears Brings About the Best for the Moment

A mother’s tears are powerful. It could be a weapon that can change circumstances or a child’s life course when poured with much love.

To cry or not to cry? If you’re a woman it is alright to cry your heart out. But if you’re a man, you have to hold yourself. At least that is what we used to hear. But do we all agree?, I don’t. Yet today, it is also important to ask, “What can a mother’s tears do?”
“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat”. Winston Churchill
I am a mother yet I don’t cry often. But like some men and women that I know, I too cry whenever I am led to intense prayer.  Shedding tears also when I have to say goodbye to some nice people knowing I may not see again. Also, I shed tears when my friend’s dad died and when touched by God’s Words. But other than these, I can’t remember crying quite often.
Knowing that tears are in a way, beneficial, I reserved them for special moments and people. One moment was when I become a mother. On becoming a mother, I learned that a mother’s tears can cause circumstances to change.

My, when did that happened?

It was late in May when I gave birth to my son. At first, everything went smooth and quick. People say that I am more than blessed not to share in the pain of birth labor. I actually gave birth on the first day of my maternity leave. The tedious turn-over of responsibilities at the office may have contributed to the sudden rupture of the membrane. Yet, all I know that day was, they rushed me to the hospital and a few minutes after, my son is being welcomed to the world.
Everything went so well and easy, and I was feeling grateful and contented. Our relatives also are quite excited. My son is the first grandchild on both my family and that of my husband’s. Reason enough for his arrival to the family much awaited.

An uninvited guest

But when everything seems perfect. We have an uninvited guest that is not quite accommodating. The storm. During my son’s first 14 days, the sun could not show up as the rain kept pouring. Day after day, we waited for the sun to greet us, but he couldn’t show up. Then one day my friend came by and said some weird things and insisted that we have to go for a checkup. Being the first baby at home, the family got alarmed and all agree that we should bring him to the hospital.
Upon arrival, a nurse ushered us to the emergency room. Then, what used to be a peaceful day turned into a chaos. My intuition suggests that something is wrong.

An Unnerving moment for mothers

I stood there speechless, yet as I see all those movements, I become more convinced that something is wrong. I watched as a nurse get a blood sample, while others are checking my son’s vital signs. All there expressions are telling me that my son is in danger. Add to that, the nurse who is trying to insert an IV on my son’s arm is having a hard time. Giving up, she inserted the IV on one of his legs instead.
After some time, the doctor arrived. He came in asked for the records then check on my son. His facial expression tells me, this got to be serious. Finally, when he asked for us, the parents my heart started to pump harder.
He approached and explained that all symptoms show that our son is suffering from sepsis. Whatever that is, I didn’t understand so he went ahead and explained the treatment process. My son needed incubation right away. Has to take some medicines and antibiotics and will be confined to the intensive care unit. And if there is no progress with his health, they have to work things out with his blood.

A mother’s tears are often held back for them to become strong

I could not fully absorb what the doctor was saying as my tears were about to flow. For watching my son from a distance, I realized that his tiny body laid on that bed is quite a pitiful sight. Also, he’s been crying but no tears flowed from his eyes. His feet though are aimless in kicking, which seemed to me, like a drowning person trying to swim for life. Looking at him that way, I decided I can’t cry. Even as my tears are about to flow, I held it back and thought, I must be strong for him.
“Tears are a positive representation of who we are. It demonstrates not only our deep emotional connections with our world – past, present, and future – but allows us to visibly celebrate that fact. They are also scientifically proven to make you feel better. ” Dr. Nick Knight
But what could be wrong if I shed a tear after all this is my son? Tears, as mentioned above, are not signs of weakness. Still, I decided to hold my tears back because I know that the moment, I let down my emotion I won’t be able to think straight.
That first night at the hospital, I stood at the NICU watching and staying alert for anything my baby would need. It was the night he cried the most in pain and in discomfort.

A mother’s tears held back even when hoping for the sun is all that she can do

As the night dragged on, I longed for daytime and wished for the sun. Yet again the day came but the sun never showed up. I am feeling more helpless than ever and my face is as gloomy as the weather. Add to that, I am almost depressed that I can’t breastfeed my son nor can I cuddle him anytime I want. He has to stay incubated and I can only stay up to attend to his needs. These were the longest days and nights of my entire life. And whenever he cries in pain, I cringed and wanted to hold him as it pains my heart feeling the pain in his cries.
Relief came when we got transferred to our room. Things are getting better aside from the growing concern for my son’s skin color and weight. At our room, I often stood over his incubator hanging on for him. Though often times feeling sleepy and drowsy, I still can’t bring myself to sleep. I drew my strength whenever I see even a small change in his color or see a flicker of hope in his eyes. My hope for the best made me strong those days.
Finally, after two weeks, the weather got better. My son also had completed his medication. His doctors then discharged him, but with strict orders that I commit to regular checkup. I said yes to all their instructions said goodbye to those kind hospital staffs and head home.

A Mother’s tears held back as she hangs on for a small flicker of hope

Home finally, and though tired and weary, I am so free. Some relatives and some friends come by to greet us. But soon their whispers sounded louder than noise for my ears. The sad truth; my son is tinier now than when he was born. He also weighed much lighter while his eyes are also quite big for his tiny face. And his skin, the color is unacceptable, it is too dark for him.
But I did not see those. All I saw is the sign of hope that my son is fighting for his life. Other’s however, saw a life that is ebbing away. Though they hoped the best for us when we were still at the hospital they were expecting a better result, not this. So, I thought, I saw my son’s progress chart and his test results were fine, could the doctors have been mistaken?

When a mother’s tears flow it storms

Confused, worried, tired and exhausted. I locked myself with my son in the room. I laid him on the bed and watched as he sleeps, he seemed to be enjoying peace. Then I realized that he seldom wakes up. In fact, my mother had scolded me for not waking him up so he could drink his milk every now and then. At that moment, I’m feeling sudden goosebumps, and then my tears started flowing. I did not feel them coming at first, they come flowing all of a sudden and I didn’t dare hold them back this time. I know I have come to my end.
Yes, I finally shed them, those tears that I’ve been holding back then now flows. Free and seemed endless. They flowed like water on my face and dropped like raindrops on the bed. My uncontrolled sobbing complemented my tears. And for the first time after my son’s birth, I was in harmony with the storm that is pouring uncontrolled on the rooftops
But somewhere in my heart, is a whisper, a whisper of hope! Crying and sobbing, I took the courage to whisper a prayer. It was too soft for me to even hear but too loud to be ignored. A prayer that is full of heart and a prayer that had changed my perspective as a mother forever. I prayed,
“God, I’m surrendering my son, he’s yours now. I’m sorry that I can’t take care of him. I tried but my best did not work out to keep him alive and healthy. Take good care of him yourself for I know that you love him more than I do.”

Sacredness in a mother’s tears

I could not finish off my prayer for I went on crying my heart out in utter surrender. My God must have loved that small prayer. For I never had to worry about my son ever again. Those gloomy days started becoming brighter. The rain finally had enough and had allowed the sun to show up and greet us every morning. From that moment on, regardless of what I see on my son’s progress, I did not waver. I put my hope to the relief and peace I received after crying my heart out in surrender to God.
“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love”. Washington Irving
Weeks and months pass, and the whole family was happy again. We know that we have been through another storm of life but had come out victorious.
Today, as I stood on the terrace, I saw my son running home from school. Then I heard his footstep as he climbs up the stair into the room. On his way, he saw me and said, “Hi mom, I’m home”. He then threw his bag on the bed and run downstairs for some snacks.
I smiled and committed to memory how, as a mother, I held my tears back to be strong but finally, let them flow so that I can have him back again. A mother’s tears have the power to move the heart of God and when God moves on your behalf you’d be more than blessed.
“A mother’s tears held back for her to become strongerer but made to flow for the better” –

Lovely Home Achieved with this Proven Principle that Work for all Times

A lovely home: Why you must have it and here is a proven way to do it.

Who doesn’t want to live in a lovely home? Well, everybody does in fact, you want to have one but can’t? And many times you tried re-structuring your home so that it would look lovely but you were never happy about it.
Think about how you feel if your spouse and children can’t wait to come home because they love being at home. Or whenever your kids are in trouble, their first thought of refuge will be your home for they find security there. Or when a friend comes to visit, they will find solace and comfort in the confines of your home.
I am often attracted to a very well structured home one that is lovely to look at. In fact, I love doing clippings and have a collection of beautiful pictures about it. I also have my own ideas on how to build one.
But achieving a lovely home, or that dream home is overwhelming and tedious. And if you are not doing it with the right wisdom, you will get burned out and left with unnecessary expenses.
Let me walk you through a time-tested principle, one that works well but does not cost you a penny. A principle that will help you achieve that lovely home no matter where you are coming from. When practiced right, this satisfies not only you but your family. Not for a short time but for a lifetime.
This principle works not only for your quest for a lovely home but also on other aspects of your life. With this one principle to apply, we can create a remarkable change.

The Principle: Inner Order Outer Change

No, this is not about meditation or any self-development method. It is more than that. This principle is about tapping into a Force that will bring order not only to your inner self but to your whole being.
This is the principle that brought this whole place we live into existence. It is also the principle that holds the same for our benefit. And the very principle used when the first home that ever existed came to be.
For we heard it said,
“Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” Genesis 1:2
Wherever you are, and whatever are your struggles for your home and family. It is nothing compared to how the earth was before God started working on it.

Inner order outer change principle sets that

1. Only God can bring order inside and outside of you because He knows you.
2. Your hard work for your home and family to have that lovely home, will not stand for a whole lifetime but with God, it will.
3. There is no limit to how this principle can work. It works for you, your family and for everyone.
4. It is a done for you principle, no sweat and not hard to do. It is only a matter of faith.
Some warning though, applying this principle in your life may change how you define a lovely home. Your priorities may change, your thoughts may change but still all depends on you, your choice.
Choosing to go for it, read on.

Inner Order Outer Change: For a lovely home.

Where to begin and how?
1. You and your family
For a quick story,
When God completed the Garden of Eden, he never stopped until the man came to be. After which, God said, it is good, satisfied, he rested. The man completed God’s creation.
It is not what you put in your home that counts. But first, the people who live in your home. We all agree that the greatest treasure at home is not those jewelry, or decorations or expensive utensils. The treasure is you and your family.
During creation, God made sure that everything is good before he put the man in it. In the Garden of Eden, man is the treasure. So it is in our homes. Without you or your family, your home can never become a lovely home.
2. Your faith in God
Now the other side of the story,
Adam and Eve sinned God has to banish them from Eden? God has too because man has surrendered their position to Satan. Having been ousted from that position, man can no longer have the right to rule over God’s creation.
For this reason, it is necessary for Christ to come and redeem humanity. First to restore us back to where we belong, His presence.
Now, what does that means, you have a home, a family but without Christ, you can never have a home that is lovely.
You might say, “I have accepted Christ long time ago but why is it that nothing seems to have changed? My home is still in chaos, my family is all nowhere.”
Keep reading to know what you must do. But first, understand God’s purpose of saving you and claim what God has promised for you. From you being a mere human to a new creation, added to God’s family and a citizen of his Kingdom.
So claim that promise and start living as a real child of God. Faith, after all, is making those real things in Christ real in our very lives.
3. What you must do

Allow Christ to first establish His home in you.

For it is only when with Christ that we find fullness and satisfaction. That joy is there. That love can grow and that satisfaction achieved. The physical beauty that we see must be an outflow of who we are inside.  
The way we live; our clothing, what we say or do are but an outward expression of who we are inside. If our inner being is all about who we are and what we can do, we express the same in our words and action.
We have to go beyond ourselves and surrender to our Maker. We must transcend what our limited self can do. Thus, when we love, we don’t love because we chose too. We love because have learned to tap into the unconditional love of God.
But if after being a Christian, we fail to see a change in our lives and family, it is time to settle with Christ. To make him not only as Savior but also Lord. After all, he has taken care of everything, we have to learn to trust and believe.
When you settle with Christ, you will have the wisdom to manage your home well. The wisdom that is in line with His principles. A well-maintained house will forever be empty without Christ. And a home without Christ will never be a lovely home.

Allow God’s Word to dwell in you richly

To have God’s Word dwell in us you is something we Christians must do every day. Our ultimate Christian goal is to practice Christ-likeness. Not forced but as a flowing stream, starting from within. Drip by drip until it overflows. 
And we have God’s Word to follow so that God can achieve His purpose in our very lives. When we dwell in God’s Word, we gain strength, we gain wisdom, we gain direction and purpose. Our eyes will be open to the truth of who God is and what is His purpose in us. 
God’s Spirit works in line with God’s promise. He works to make real his promises in our lives. As a result, you will see yourself changing. You will be smiling more, contented, having peace despite the chaos, and loving your family more while knowing how to serve them better. It will be wonderful. 
You will be amazed your prayers are being answered. And that is because your thoughts and heart’s desire are becoming more Christ-like. Then one day, people around will also see the miracles that God is doing in your life.

Allow the Spirit of God to lead you 

This is where the beauty of a Biblical principle is. Unlike all other principles, you have to force yourself to do it. But with Biblical principles, you always have the Spirit of God leading you.
You have an unending supply of resource to tap on anytime anywhere and in all circumstance. A guiding source, not through a simple manual but the Spirit of God in you.
This principle simple as it may seem but have worked from generation to generation. It is a living principle that is not bounded by time or whatever trend that would come after today. It is the very principle I and my family is living with.
With inner order and outer change principle, what is a lovely home is thus not limited to what the physical eyes can see. But a lovely home is a home that God himself approves of and one that makes him say “it is good.”
And that is where the limitation of this principle lies. This principle only works for those who put their faith in Christ. For it is only Christ that satisfies God. Make sure you have set your faith in Christ right.
If you are confused and is not sure about your faith in Christ, watch this short video and let Dr. Charles Stanley lead you in the right faith.

If you find this article helpful and know someone who needs it. Please share the love and do leave a comment below.

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Christian Family and Home Management: One That Reflects Your Faith

Christian Family and Home Management

Christian family and home management, is it at all possible?

The home or the family is very susceptible to breakage. It is very fragile and given utmost care. But, the sad truth is, even with careful means of building there is no guarantee that the family will stay intact. And no guarantee that the family members would not go astray. So what then is a Christian Family and Home Management?
What is home management if the people that are to live in the home are nowhere.
Who would call an empty house home no matter how lovely it appeals to the eye?
Take a look at this statistics on broken homes. Take note how it informs us that 50% of children in America are more likely to live with a broken family.

Check out this statistics from marriagesuccesssecret

Christian Family and Home Management

This above statistics is saying something more. These are not just numbers or statement. They mean something serious. And I want to believe that as you are reading this post, it means you are a concerned parent or a family member.

You want the best for your family. You want a well manage home where you can find peace and shelter. But not only that, you want a home with intact family members to live in harmony. This is the home that we want, that you want, that everybody wants. A Christian home that reflects your faith.

So Let’s get to it.

Your Biblical Guide to Christian Family and Home Management

  1. Why Ignoring Biblical Principles on Christian home Management may cost you your very family

  2. How can I shift gear from my standard to God’s standard?

  3. What Does the Bible Say about time? Why does it matter and How to practice Biblical time management at home?

  4. What is the importance of planning and how to practice it at home effectively

  5. Check if my Home Management method is Acceptable to God

  6. What then is Christian home Management

  7. A New look at Your Family

  8. Your Checklist to Christian Family and Home Management


Why Ignoring Biblical Principles on Christian home Management can cost you your very family

To Make the Most Refer to Maker’s Manual
When God created Adam and Eve He did not fail to instruct them on what to do and how to do it. But why did they fail? They deviated from the Maker’s instruction. 
When God brought the Israelite out from Egypt to the promised land. He was certain to instruct them to the most minute detail on how they should live in the land.
But why did they fail? The same thing, they refused to obey their Maker’s instruction.
Are we then going to fail also?
No. God is faithful and He has invested his only Son on this to make sure of our victory. Yes, Jesus has accomplished the work for you. Everything done and free of charge. But there is only one thing He cannot do for you.
To press the button.
You’re given a heavenly system, failure proof, free, and time efficient. All you need to do is press the button and subscribe. The button that says, “I believe.”
So here is the thing. Either you live according to what the Bible says or end up suffering the consequences. If you think you can care for your families and homes on your own. Think again. Who created you and takes care of you when you sleep so that you can wake up again when the sun rises.
If you think your home and family is your own concern then you are missing the point. For everyone will account for the trust given them. The trust of being a father, a mother, a child, a brother or a sister.
I too had the trying moments that taught me, what my real accountability as a mother is. You can read the story here.
With whatever task we Christians are to take, we must begin by turning to what the Bible has to say.

Family and Home


When it comes to building a Christian family and home management, the Bible must be the main guide. Deviating from the Word will cost us something. The sad truth, the consequence sometimes could be the very reason why we fail to obey. But don’t take it against God that is not what He desires. It is just a consequence of our actions.

God desired the best for us and has invested His very Son to do all the work for us. But there is one work He can’t do on our behalf and that is to believe on His finish work.

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How to Shift Gear from Your Standard to Biblical standard

“Now that headline is quite big I can’t do that”. “Everything will become a mess”.
Members of my family are not all Christians.
I have not been a good testimony at home
Do I have to let go of a lot of things?

What would happen now?…

Not to worry, when it comes to involving God in your very life. It is always for the best and all the efforts you have poured are reward guaranteed.
How you see your family now will change.
How you manage your home will revamp to the best standard.
Remember what Paul wrote in Romans,
Do not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s. (Romans 12:2 NIV).
First, the thing to embrace as Christians, to change your standard.
Col. 2:20 Since you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belonged to it, do you submit to its rules:

Why Must we Shift Gear


1. To this world, change is constant but to God, His Word is constant

Yes, the pattern of this world is ever-changing, to this world, change is constant. The family trend changes, the principles changes, the methodologies change, everything changes. But if we set our standard not in this world but to God, we are better off.
For God’s principle does not change. His word does not change. What he said yesterday is the same today and in the future. So setting our standard on God is setting our standard on a solid rock that can never be shaken. For this reason, you are taught not to conform to the patterns of this world.

2. We are not a mere man. We are Kingdom People

Another reason why you are not to conform to the patterns of this world is that of who you are. You are not of this world but a citizen of the Kingdom of heaven. You are not mere man but a child of God. You don’t belong here, you belong to God in his kingdom. Start living as a kingdom citizen even while you are still here on earth.
Guidelines make a lot of things easier to follow. It helps us avoid a lot of errors when you do. And as Christians, the Bible should be your standard of how you build your home. Let the Bible guide you for it is the only guarantee that you can build a home with a family that is intact. Intact, not only here on earth but even in heaven for all eternity.
Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.
Many turn to the Bible only when they are thinking about spiritual things. Well, that is a misguided way of using the Bible. We Christians are to have the Word of God as guidance for everything. Your decisions including home management or family affairs included.
Having a living guide is one thing that separates Christian from the rest of the world. Thus to be successful in building your home, shift gear. Changing your standard setting to the standards set by God.

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What Does the Bible Say about time? Why does it matter and How to practice Biblical time management at home?

Synchronize your time management with God’s

What is your timetable for managing your home? Do you do your management thinking about something temporal or eternal? Understand that whatever you do that is not bound for the eternal purpose is in vain.
Don’t Home manage base on routine. You will be exhausted. Only think about how exhausting it is when you have to wake up each day to do those endless home chores.
Do set your Time management according to God’s principle of Time.
“Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15- 16)

Following are basic things to consider about Biblical Time Management.

Manage your time according to the order of importance

Time with God. More than home management, personal time with God is still of greatest importance. Don’t make the mistake of doing your parental duty and managing your home well at the expense of your time with God. Remember Martha and her sister Mary.
Nothing wrong with what Martha is doing, house chores are to be done. But house chores are endless, make sure you honor Jesus with your time. Mary understood this well so she chose to forget her sister’s nagging. She honored Jesus with her time, only by sitting before Him enjoying His presence.
The Bible, and modern day history book often, record men and women of faith who have honored God with their time. Men who now inspire us with their success story. But the best example I want to mention is Christ himself. We know how Jesus, in his humanity did not compromise quality time with his Father. As a result, he accomplished the greatest mission of all time.

Manage Your Time With Quality

Don’t exchange house chores from spending quality time with your family. I can name some people I know in person who cannot compromise even a single streak on the floor. People who keep moving around fixing things in the house while their children are in the care of their gadgets.
I also know individuals who are always distracted by house chores but often forgot their spouse needing to spend time with them.
The idea here is, it is not on the length of time spent but on the quality given. You might be sitting with your kids seemingly spending time with them, but your mind is somewhere. You thought of those laundries, the cluttered closet,  the dusty cupboard. . . it’s endless.


Manage your Time with Godly Service in Mind

Surrender your time to God. This life is not your own and so does your time. Whenever there is a chance to serve God’s ministry don’t put home chores as an excuse. If you are managing your time well, you will always have time to do what is important. And for the sake of eternal labor do be open for opportunities to serve the Lord.

Never to forget that if you manage your home well, those who are following you; first your children or parent, your neighbors, and relatives, the community around you will see it and would identify that you are different. You become to them a living testimony of the Gospel. You didn’t have to preach you just live according to the Bible.


Manage Your Time Proactively

Be intentional, set aside time to do those home chores. But that is, after you have set things in the order of priorities. Your physical works are but an outflow of what is happening inside you. Surrendering your time to God gives you the wisdom to manage your homes more efficiently.
The more time you spend with your family, the more that you will understand there needs. You will know better what delights and excites them or what makes them sad and lonely.
Relating to your family well helps you know better how to support and help them. With such knowledge, you will have wisdom on how to manage the family. And your home management will also become better. You are no longer limited to answering the question what is beautiful for your home. But you surprise them as you offer solutions to their needs and problems. Add to that surprise, you will also amaze them with your stunning touches because you know what makes them happy.


Manage your time according to plan

Yes, manage your time according to plan. Which means you’ve got to have a plan. Look into yourself, look into your family members and look around your home, what are things you need to work on? What dreams did God put in your heart for your family? What dream home have you been pondering on?

Have a plan, give it a timetable and put it into action.

God is the greatest planner who accomplishes what he planned to do. Aren’t you called to be like him? You are, regardless of how many times you fail in your plans. Your failure will in no way change the spiritual truth of who you are in Christ.

You might say, I am never good at planning.

I am not good at keeping time.

I am not good at designing homes

I am not good at keeping a relationship

I am not good at managing finances,

I am not good at talking with my kids

I am not good… and the list goes on.

But so what. Plan anyway.


What could be lovelier than a home that is set to meet the needs of those who are living in it. But with many things that need to be done to achieve this, you need to become super moms or dads. But the truth is, you are because you have the Spirit guiding you and supplying much love and wisdom.

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What is the importance of planning and how to practice it at home effectively

Learn it from the expert. Here is what God did before He sent Jesus to earth

Father's Plan

Time to get your pen and start writing that goal or dream that God has placed in your heart. Never let excuses cripple your dream. This website alone is a result of a dream to be able to reach out to struggling parents out there. And be able to create some change one family at a time, After all, we all have to start somewhere.

Don’t look for an elaborate technique about planning. Start simple. It doesn’t have to be accomplished by a professional to work. You’re the best person for that job for your family.

To make it easier, answer these six simple sets of questions. At the end of it, you already have a workable plan.

  1. What family need to you see? What disturbs you the most about your family and your home.
  2. What will happen if this problem was not given attention? Will it escalate to a bigger problem? What is it?
  3. What kind of opportunity will come if the problem was properly addressed? What good would come out of it?
  4. How will you solve this problem? What should you do? What do you need? What solution can you give? Who are those people that you need to involve in this?
  5. How much time do you need to put into this? When will you to start, when will you finish it?
  6. Put into action.

Working on a plan is one thing but what good is a plan if you don’t put it into action. And don’t forget to celebrate when you’re successful or revise if it did not work

It does take time for some people especially for those who have never been in a leadership position to identify a problem. And so it is for this reason that we have to implore God. To give you wisdom not only to solve the problem but to see which one imposes a problem in the near future.

For example, A wife who has never been good in tidying up the house may not notice immediately when the house is already cluttered as compared to a woman who has been consistently working to tidy up her home.

So the principle here is simple when it comes time management do it, consistency is the key. Do one thing consistently and you will become good at it. Making planning part of your daily task and you will become good at it.

When it comes to successful planning, consistency is the key – sanctuarest


Start planning. Here are some words to remember.

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom”(Psalms 90:12).

A good way to gain wisdom is to learn to live each day with an eternal perspective. Our Creator has set eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

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Check if Your Home Management Method is Acceptable to God

Set your Home Management Standard Purpose
Most people do things for their home because they have a purpose. But your purpose must mean something that is for a greater cause. Don’t ever think for a moment that home management is just a physical thing. Call it far-fetched but it is not. Think of how the devil is constant at work to attack the home and destroy our families.
You can go ahead and have a well-maintained home but if you don’t head what the Bible has to say about managing your family well, expect your home to be empty soon. I know you don’t want that to happen, nobody wants that.
For you know that your home is where you are to begin minister to the next generation. You start with our own children. It is not the sole duty of the church to teach the children about God. The Church ministry should be an avenue where they can also grow in their spiritual life. So you don’t give the ministry of teaching your kids the Gospel to the church alone. As parents, you are accountable to teach your children and manage your home well.


  1. What method of management am I following?
  2. Have I asked God for wisdom yet?
  3. Can I honestly pray to God and say, “your ways Lord not my way”.

What then is Christian family and home management

By far it should be clear now that home management not just referring to the process of accomplishing various task and chores associated with the organization, financial management or the day to day operation of a home.

Christian home management is to be defined with spiritual parenting in mind, leadership in mind, arts and design in mind, and the present and future in mind.

Christian family and Home management is the art of guiding every family member to live a holistic life in Christ while living in a home that transcends physical beauty and whose members are harmoniously fulfilling their calling in Christ. -by sanctuarest

With this definition, our purpose is made clear.

  • That every member should live a holistic life. A life that is to the full. A life that is pleasing to Christ. Whether as a child or as a parent, as a brother or a sister, as a grandparent or a grandchild.
  • That it is an art. But as an art, it must reflect even our faith as Christian.
  • That it also transcends physical beauty, that is because our standard is the word of God. So we define what is lovely and beautiful according to how the Bible defines it.
  • That every member lives harmoniously with each other. After all the family is a living community. A community where one grows when the other grow and one rejoices at the blessing of the other and when one is heavy laden each member help carry the burden.

Home Management is an ART

Home management is not a chore. It is an art. It is a way of life. And the more you delve to it, the more you will realize that it is impossible to become successful without getting burned out. And it is also wrong to manage the home apart from the people who are to live in it.
It is the same as saying it is not a song without the lyrics or without the melody.
Doing daily chores alone is not home management. Decorating your home to make it lovely or purchasing a home property is not the true depth of home management. In the same way, building a relationship with all the members of the family is not very successful if you don’t provide a happy environment to live in. A family should always have a place they can call home; rented or owned, a mansion or a makeshift.
And to manage both the physical home and the family is an art. An art that calls for passion. Accomplished not by only one member of the family but by everyone in the family.
To understand better let’s start by learning what is God’s design for the family then we will go into the elements of home management and the role of each.

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A New Look At Your Family

God’s design for the family and the home
The goal of this blog post is for you have a radical change of your ways and means of home management. To go with a burning desire to start over again but this time with a Biblical principle to follow. 
Now talking about God’ design for the home, the Bible did not focus on what we have to put in our homes or how to put them. But the Bible focused on those who live in the home. For this reason, we cannot as mentioned earlier do home management in the absence of the family. The design of God for the family is in effect his design for the home.
So what did the Bible say about the family? God designed the family with each member having a specific role.
He said wives submit to your husbands
Husbands love your wives and do not be harsh on them
Children obey your parents in everything
Parents do not embitter your children
Many family members often argue about who should do what and who should have done it first. But nowhere in Bible could we find any chronology about who should do things first. The Bible does not say if, the husband should love the wife first or the wife is to respect his husband first. Nor did the Bible tell children to honor their parents only when they are responsible.
Each member has a role that is God-given. And to live in harmony, each has to carry on that responsibility.
From God’s design for the family, the following are out of place
  • Husbands refusing to love their wives because the wife does not show any respect at all is out of place
  • Children not honoring their parents because their parents do not deserve it is out of place
  • Parents failing on their duty because their children failed to honor them is out of place.
All these complaints about who do did not do what is only like the excuse of Adam when asked by God on what have they done.
The Bible is certain. The roles of each member are clear and must be carried out or the family will not be very successful.
Failure of other members of the family to do their roles does not excuse other members not to do their roles. After all, a loving husband is certain to bring about a disrespectful wife to realization and vise versa. It may take time but as the Bible says a righteous act will surely be rewarded.
So this is how the Lord design the family, for each member to have a role. In-home management we can take this principle further in the application. That is to manage your home well, each member of the family must have a role or a responsibility to do.

Components of the Family

The Family

Again, the family is designed with the father, the mother and the children as members.

The father’s role – By God’s design, the father is to provide for the family and to teach them to worship God. This makes him the head of the family or the leader. To be a leader, therefore, the father must know God’s will or his family will suffer.

“because of lack of knowledge the people perish..”

The mother’s role – By God’s design the mother’s role is to help the husband. To become a partner so that the task of the father can be better accomplished. As family trends are changing, wives have left no choice but to work to help the husband. If taking a job would help the husband accomplish his role better then so be it.

Yet, along with the husband, it is also the duty of the wife to teach her children

There are a lot of issues about the wife and husband’s role. What should be and what is not. But let’s take it very simply here for it is actually simple, just do your duty (wife honor your husband, husband love your wife and don’t be harsh) no more no less.

The children’s role. To honor and obey their parents. They are to grow putting to mind and heart the teachings of their parents. Doing what they are asked to do since this honors their parents.

Now for the children, if the parents have grown old or weak, as children it is also their duty to take care of them. This is still honoring the parents.

The Physical Home

Home is the physical place where the entire family lives. Whether that rented or owned, a mansion or a hut. It must be a place that provides the family shelter so they can grow as a community of life.

For Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden used to be their home. And what did the Lord tasked them to do? To take care and manage it. In fact, God gave Adam the wisdom to name all those animals.

The Family and Home Management System

The system is your way of life. How you provide your needs, how you address each member of the family, how you work things out for the family. The system is anything you do that contributes to the growth and development of the Family and the home.

The problem with any system is when we let it manage us. Use us. But this should not be in the family. You should always be open to God’s guidance. You don’t know the absolute way of life but God knows. So being dependent on God when it comes to managing our family and home is a must.

A few years back, I see house chores as a “chore”. At first, I do them willingly, lovingly but being human. I too get tired. I started complaining and instilling roles that my husband and kids are not very happy to follow. Because they are roles based on what I want and how I want things to done. 
After resigning from work, I spent more time building our home. I also took time listening and understanding God’s purpose for the family and for the home. I then saw how he worked with the families we ministered unto, how things did not work because of human failure. With that, I got a better grasp of what it takes to be a homemaker. 
I then shift gear, inclined my ears to God’s guidance and starting working my way up as guided by His word. And unlike any management system or strategies, God’s strategy is failure proof. Guaranteed to succeed, no matter how many times you fail to follow it, so long as you keep trying you will get there. God is certain you will.
If you are ready for a Christian family and home management journey, I have put together a checklist for you to start with. It will be a long journey with your family but you will enjoy it.

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