Lovely Home Achieved with this Proven Principle that Work for all Times

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A lovely home: Why you must have it and here is a proven way to do it.

Who doesn’t want to live in a lovely home? Well, everybody does in fact, you want to have one but can’t? And many times you tried re-structuring your home so that it would look lovely but you were never happy about it.
Think about how you feel if your spouse and children can’t wait to come home because they love being at home. Or whenever your kids are in trouble, their first thought of refuge will be your home for they find security there. Or when a friend comes to visit, they will find solace and comfort in the confines of your home.
I am often attracted to a very well structured home one that is lovely to look at. In fact, I love doing clippings and have a collection of beautiful pictures about it. I also have my own ideas on how to build one.
But achieving a lovely home, or that dream home is overwhelming and tedious. And if you are not doing it with the right wisdom, you will get burned out and left with unnecessary expenses.
Let me walk you through a time-tested principle, one that works well but does not cost you a penny. A principle that will help you achieve that lovely home no matter where you are coming from. When practiced right, this satisfies not only you but your family. Not for a short time but for a lifetime.
This principle works not only for your quest for a lovely home but also on other aspects of your life. With this one principle to apply, we can create a remarkable change.

The Principle: Inner Order Outer Change

No, this is not about meditation or any self-development method. It is more than that. This principle is about tapping into a Force that will bring order not only to your inner self but to your whole being.
This is the principle that brought this whole place we live into existence. It is also the principle that holds the same for our benefit. And the very principle used when the first home that ever existed came to be.
For we heard it said,
“Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” Genesis 1:2
Wherever you are, and whatever are your struggles for your home and family. It is nothing compared to how the earth was before God started working on it.

Inner order outer change principle sets that

1. Only God can bring order inside and outside of you because He knows you.
2. Your hard work for your home and family to have that lovely home, will not stand for a whole lifetime but with God, it will.
3. There is no limit to how this principle can work. It works for you, your family and for everyone.
4. It is a done for you principle, no sweat and not hard to do. It is only a matter of faith.
Some warning though, applying this principle in your life may change how you define a lovely home. Your priorities may change, your thoughts may change but still all depends on you, your choice.
Choosing to go for it, read on.

Inner Order Outer Change: For a lovely home.

Where to begin and how?
1. You and your family
For a quick story,
When God completed the Garden of Eden, he never stopped until the man came to be. After which, God said, it is good, satisfied, he rested. The man completed God’s creation.
It is not what you put in your home that counts. But first, the people who live in your home. We all agree that the greatest treasure at home is not those jewelry, or decorations or expensive utensils. The treasure is you and your family.
During creation, God made sure that everything is good before he put the man in it. In the Garden of Eden, man is the treasure. So it is in our homes. Without you or your family, your home can never become a lovely home.
2. Your faith in God
Now the other side of the story,
Adam and Eve sinned God has to banish them from Eden? God has too because man has surrendered their position to Satan. Having been ousted from that position, man can no longer have the right to rule over God’s creation.
For this reason, it is necessary for Christ to come and redeem humanity. First to restore us back to where we belong, His presence.
Now, what does that means, you have a home, a family but without Christ, you can never have a home that is lovely.
You might say, “I have accepted Christ long time ago but why is it that nothing seems to have changed? My home is still in chaos, my family is all nowhere.”
Keep reading to know what you must do. But first, understand God’s purpose of saving you and claim what God has promised for you. From you being a mere human to a new creation, added to God’s family and a citizen of his Kingdom.
So claim that promise and start living as a real child of God. Faith, after all, is making those real things in Christ real in our very lives.
3. What you must do

Allow Christ to first establish His home in you.

For it is only when with Christ that we find fullness and satisfaction. That joy is there. That love can grow and that satisfaction achieved. The physical beauty that we see must be an outflow of who we are inside.  
The way we live; our clothing, what we say or do are but an outward expression of who we are inside. If our inner being is all about who we are and what we can do, we express the same in our words and action.
We have to go beyond ourselves and surrender to our Maker. We must transcend what our limited self can do. Thus, when we love, we don’t love because we chose too. We love because have learned to tap into the unconditional love of God.
But if after being a Christian, we fail to see a change in our lives and family, it is time to settle with Christ. To make him not only as Savior but also Lord. After all, he has taken care of everything, we have to learn to trust and believe.
When you settle with Christ, you will have the wisdom to manage your home well. The wisdom that is in line with His principles. A well-maintained house will forever be empty without Christ. And a home without Christ will never be a lovely home.

Allow God’s Word to dwell in you richly

To have God’s Word dwell in us you is something we Christians must do every day. Our ultimate Christian goal is to practice Christ-likeness. Not forced but as a flowing stream, starting from within. Drip by drip until it overflows. 
And we have God’s Word to follow so that God can achieve His purpose in our very lives. When we dwell in God’s Word, we gain strength, we gain wisdom, we gain direction and purpose. Our eyes will be open to the truth of who God is and what is His purpose in us. 
God’s Spirit works in line with God’s promise. He works to make real his promises in our lives. As a result, you will see yourself changing. You will be smiling more, contented, having peace despite the chaos, and loving your family more while knowing how to serve them better. It will be wonderful. 
You will be amazed your prayers are being answered. And that is because your thoughts and heart’s desire are becoming more Christ-like. Then one day, people around will also see the miracles that God is doing in your life.

Allow the Spirit of God to lead you 

This is where the beauty of a Biblical principle is. Unlike all other principles, you have to force yourself to do it. But with Biblical principles, you always have the Spirit of God leading you.
You have an unending supply of resource to tap on anytime anywhere and in all circumstance. A guiding source, not through a simple manual but the Spirit of God in you.
This principle simple as it may seem but have worked from generation to generation. It is a living principle that is not bounded by time or whatever trend that would come after today. It is the very principle I and my family is living with.
With inner order and outer change principle, what is a lovely home is thus not limited to what the physical eyes can see. But a lovely home is a home that God himself approves of and one that makes him say “it is good.”
And that is where the limitation of this principle lies. This principle only works for those who put their faith in Christ. For it is only Christ that satisfies God. Make sure you have set your faith in Christ right.
If you are confused and is not sure about your faith in Christ, watch this short video and let Dr. Charles Stanley lead you in the right faith.

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